Our Services

We're committed to helping our pet owners every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their pets needs.

Group Walks

Our 60 minute pack walks allow your four legged friend to socialise with their pack buddies in a variety of outdoor locations...

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One to One Walks

If your dog would like some individual walking this is a popular option for your four legged friend. A variety of locations w...

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Dog Training

Got a new puppy? Need help with behavioural issues? Our popular dog training option may be for you. This one to one service w...

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Puppy/Dog Drop-in

Need your puppy checked on? Got to work overtime? We can drop in on your puppy to feed, clean and give a little cuddle. This ...

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About Fetch

Since opening we have become the alphas of the dog walking services and training pack in Norwich. Our commitment to taking care of your beloved dog, exceptional face to face services and incomparable pet care keep our customers coming back again and again. We offer professional dog walking services and training and have expanded our services based on how we can best serve the needs of your four-legged companion.
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New Puppy Consultation

Fetch ‘New Puppy’ Consultation is here! Our brand new compact consultation guides you through the most important learning curve in your dog’s life..puppyhood! The optimal age for a consultation should be around eight weeks of age. You will also receive a full puppy information pack

House Geography

Advice on how to safe guard your house and garden to ensure safety and comfort for your puppy for when you are at home or away at work

Prevention of Problems

Learn how to identify and prevent common problems throughout the time of puppyhood. Includes advice on chewing, play biting and many more

Children and Puppies

We will show you how to safely introduce your children to your new arrival to help create a strong loving bond within your family

House Toilet Training

On-going support on how to work on toilet training with your puppy as they move through the first few crucial months of their life

Latest Blog

Autumn Health Tips For Dogs

As autumn approaches it is important to understand how to keep your dog healthy in this beautiful season. Follow our tip...

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Why Does My Dog?…..Act Like A Wolf?

Have you ever wondered why your dog exhibits certain behaviours. Dogs and wolves are closely related but wolves are near...

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Why Dogs Eat Grass-And How To Prevent It

Your dog begs to be let outside, immediately downs several mouthfuls of grass… and then promptly vomits it all up. Or ...

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