Our Services

From regular group or solo dog walks to canine myotherapy and dog training, Fetch Dog Walking & Training provide a full range of services in Norwich tailored around your dogs specific needs.

Group Walks

Our 60 minute pack walks allow your four legged friend to socialise with their pack buddies in a variety of outdoor locations including parks, meadows, marshes and beaches. Your dog is collected from your home followed by an hour of fun time before being returned to your a little bit “dog tired”. This is a great way for your dog to socialse, exercise and do all the things dogs love to naturally do. Should your dog happen to ‘find’ mud or water, do not worry, as all dogs are cleaned before they are returned to your den.

Prices: £12 per hour

One to One Walks

If your dog would like some individual walking this is a popular option for your four legged friend. A variety of locations will allow your dog to experience the great outdoors in meadows, fields, parks and beaches. Your “Fetch” walker will take you and your dogs needs into consideration to allow the best possible experience for your furry friend. Your dog will be clean and “dog tired” upon their return to your home.

Prices: £15 per hour

Dog Training

Got a new puppy? Need help with behavioural issues? Our popular dog training option may be for you. This one to one service will allow our trainer to assess your dog and work with you through the aspects of positive re-enforcement and operant conditioning. Our trainer will combine knowledge of animal behaviour with practical teaching skills with patience, consistency and excellent communication between all parties.

Prices: £30 per hour

Puppy/Dog Drop-in

Need your puppy checked on? Got to work overtime? We can drop in on your puppy to feed, clean and give a little cuddle. This service does not have to be booked, just give us a call and we can drop in and send you an update and pictures direct to your phone

Prices: £12 per visit