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Set in the tranquil countryside of Norfolk, the village of Hainford provides an ideal backdrop for dog owners who cherish a peaceful environment alongside community spirit. At Fetch Dog Walking & Training, we are pleased to extend our specialised dog walking and training services to the residents of Hainford, making the most of the picturesque landscapes and quiet rural lanes that characterise this delightful village.

Tailored Dog Walking Services in Hainford

In Hainford, our dog walking services are carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of local dogs and their owners. Recognising that each dog has unique preferences and requirements, we offer Dog Walking in Norwich and Hainford options designed to cater to these individual needs. Our One to One Walks, priced at £16 per hour, are perfect for dogs that require a more personalised approach, including senior dogs, those with health considerations, or pets that prefer not to share their walker’s attention. Alternatively, our Group Walks are excellent for socially inclined dogs, allowing them to interact and play with others in a secure and controlled environment, priced at £14 per hour with an additional £3 fee per additional dog from the same household.

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Expert Dog Training and Additional Services

Beyond walking, Fetch offers professional One to One Dog Training sessions right here in Hainford. These sessions are tailored to the specific behavioural needs of your dog, ensuring effective and personalised training in a comfortable setting, all for £35 per hour. For newcomers to dog ownership, our New Puppy Consultation provides essential training tips and advice for £35 per 60 minutes, helping you and your puppy to get off to the best possible start.

Our Puppy/Dog Drop-in service, available at £14 per hour, is ideal for owners who need someone to look after their pets during the day, offering companionship and care when you’re unable to be there. Additionally, Socialisation Sessions, available for £6.50 per dog, are designed to assist your dog in developing proper social skills in a friendly group setting.

Specialised Care for Every Need

For dogs requiring physical care, our Fetch Therapy sessions are designed to assist with recovery and maintenance, offered at £35 per 45-minute treatment. These sessions are especially beneficial for older dogs or those recovering from injuries. For a full day of adventure and fun, our Fetch Adventures provide a unique outdoor experience for £35 per dog, allowing them to explore the great outdoors.

During times of loss, our Dog Bereavement Counselling provides crucial emotional support to owners, available free of charge, recognising the profound bond between pets and their families.

Comprehensive Care
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Integrated into the Hainford Community

As dedicated members of the Hainford community, Fetch Dog Walking & Training is committed to providing dependable and high-quality services that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. Our local knowledge and commitment to the community ensure we are always there when you need us, ready to offer flexible and reliable solutions.

Connect with Fetch in Hainford

To learn more about our dog walking and training services in Hainford or to book a service, please visit our website. At Fetch Dog Walking & Training, we are passionate about enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners in Hainford, ensuring every day is as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Join us and experience the difference that professional and compassionate care can make for your cherished pet.

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