4. Puppy Nutrition

Puppies and their nutrition at seven months old

By this time your puppy will be starting to build its body mass, so their nutritional requirement now is for protein. However, it needs to be the right sort; a high-quality and easily-digestible protein to make it easy for their bodies to absorb and ‘re-use’ the amino acids, building healthy body tissue and antibodies. 

The protein to calorie ratio should be higher in a puppy’s diet than in an adult dog because they’re growing rapidly. Without protein, they can suffer reduced natural defences, poor skin and fur, and remain under-developed. Keep an eye on their portion sizes to make sure they don’t become overweight during this crucial phase.

This is also the time that your puppy will start to mentally mature so be aware that you may also need to revisit your training disciplines. Things such as sit and wait can all help when it comes to feeding times

If you are unsure on how best to feed your puppy to ensure they are given the best nutrition for their age and lifestyle, speak to your vet who will be able to offer recommendations.