1. Pet Proofing Your Home

From bringing home a young puppy to welcoming an older pet to the family, you’ll want to make sure your house is pet-proofed before you pick up your new pet. Once your new addition is home, you’ll be too distracted by the cuteness to concentrate on preparing and safeguarding, and by then it might be too late and damage might have already been done.

Pet-proofing will not only help keep your new dog safe from any injuries and tummy aches from chewing at things they shouldn’t have, but it’ll also protect your bits and bobs from any nosy dogs. So, let’s get started:

Protect your possessions

If you’re sitting on the sofa reading this then have a quick glance around the room. What can you see? Books, DVDs, toys, slippers, blankets? All kept at a level your dog could reach. It might be a good idea to put them away by buying an extra cupboard or blanket basket.

Dogs can easily swallow pieces of chewed items that could cause a trip to the vets and a very expensive hit on your bank account!