Fetch Dog Training

Dogs are never too young, or old, to start training! Because dogs are always learning, teaching a dog that certain behaviour results in good things happening means they’ll be more likely to behave that way again. Training your dog is an important part of being a responsible owner, because it can prevent unwanted behaviour problems developing.

Here at Fetch we offer one to one dog training sessions to assist you with your beloved dogs and help you work on a range of behaviours from recall, leash control, focus training and much more. Sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home or at a venue that is most comfortable for your dog. Our goal is for every dog to know what it’s like to have the freedom of being a dog. We want every owner to experience the confidence, joy and pride of having a dog that is reliable and consistently well behaved under any level of distraction and to make the perfect pet family/family protection dog for you and your family.


Prices: £40.00 per session (one hour)