Puppy Training Tips For Socialising Your Puppy

June 6, 2019


Your puppy’s emotional and behavioural development is just as important as its physical health. Dogs are sociable creatures, so it comes as no surprise that providing contact with other dogs is a very important part of your pup’s development process.


Our trainer Damion has a few simple training tips that you and your puppy can practice at home. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget that we offer a new puppy consultation as one of our many services here at Fetch. This will give you and your family all the information you need about puppyhood


  1. Start socialising early

    The first 12 weeks are the most vital in the development of a happy, healthy young dog, so as soon as your puppy has been fully vaccinated, pop it on a lead and take it for short walks so it can meet and greet other dogs safely.

2.  Supervise meetings with children

     Children can’t resist puppies, and while it might enjoy the attention at first,      too much at once can overwhelm your pup. Introduce children one at a            time so it can gradually get used to being handled by different people.


3.  Introduce new noises slowly

     Your puppy’s going to have to get used to a lot of household noises, but I         it’s best to start slowly. Once it begins to feel comfortable with everyday           sounds like the TV, you can play special CDs to familiarise your puppy             with scarier noises like fireworks and sirens.


4.   Don’t rush into car travel

      Car travel can be stressful for puppies, so before you head out on any             journeys, let it play in a stationary car a few times. Then, start with short         trips before gradually building up journey lengths to get them used to               traffic and noise.


5.   Use treats to reward relaxed behaviour

      If your puppy responds calmly to a new situation, show it what a good job       its doing by rewarding it with a treat. This is known as positive                         reinforcement and is a proven way to encourage good behaviour.


The world can be a scary place for puppies, so don’t force them into situations they’re not comfortable with. Instead, it’s important to move at their pace and make training as enjoyable as possible – it’s well worth the hard work. We love puppies!

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