How to celebrate your dogs birthday!

April 15, 2018


If you’re like most dog lovers, chances are that you’ve adopted a four-legged companion with the idea that it would play with you on rainy days and sleep in the corner the rest. Dogs quickly become the favorite in the family so much so that we can’t imagine living without them. We develop a powerful bond with this wild creature that will do anything to protect us. They treat us like royalty and no matter what life throws at us, the dog sees us for who we are and not what we have. We celebrate the typical birthday with cake and the occasional gift. While most folks overlook their pets birthday/adoption day, you should do everything in your power to show your dog that you love them just as much they love you. So let’s go over how you should go about celebration your dog’s birthday/adoption day.

The Cake

We all know that the key to a dogs heart is a treat. The main problem with most people is that they spend monstrous amount of money on a cake that some dogs won’t go crazy for. If you own a large breed dog like a German Shepherd, you should make them a meaty and delicious cake yourself. Dogs have no idea what the significance of the cake really is. Go to the local store and get some ground beef and some bacon. Now let’s go over to to make them a perfect cake without using the oven.

How To Make The Doggy Cake:

Ingredients –1 pound of ground beef, thick cut bacon, 1 boiled egg, Pup-Peroni treats.
Cook The Beef – Add some olive oil to the pan and cook the beef just like you would for a taco. Don’t be afraid to add some spices but beware if you have to clean later if you know what we mean.
Bacon!– Dogs go wild for bacon so cook it slow and don’t make it too crispy. You want it to be cooked but flexible enough to decorate the cake with.
Time To Decorate – Your cooked beef is now easy to mold into any shape you’d like. Wrap the bacon slices around your sculpture and write something on it with the Pup-Peroni treats. Cut the boiled egg in half and use it as a decoration on the side. Grab a candle and enjoy the moment.

Its a good idea to make your own cake and not feed them that industrial waste. Its imperative that we lookout for our dogs health even on their glorious day. Use real hard ingredients and don’t waste your time with icing. Keep in mind that dogs love the meats and not sugars.

Take Them Somewhere Special

Find where your pet enjoys to go and dedicate the entire day for them. If you have a smaller dog, they might enjoy going to the local dog park and meeting with friends. If your pet only plays with a select few, ask the owners if they would meet you at the park at a particular time. Dogs are simple creatures. They live in the moment and a special trip to the woods or a dog park to hang out with their friends can blow their mind.

Other Trip Ideas:

Pool Party – Invest in a small kid pool and get a party going. Invite friends and family to enjoy a nice day out while your dog goes crazy in the new pool. This is a powerful way of getting your pet some extra presents from the arriving guests.

Go Hiking – Hiking is a great way of giving your pet that needed exercise and enjoying the wild. Giving your pet toys and treats is simply not enough to satisfy their needs.

Squirrel Racing – Let’s be honest, almost every dog goes crazy when they see a squirrel. If you can find one of those Greyhounds racing tracks, for less than £20 your dog can enter a race of its life. Its a great way for them to exercise their primal instincts.

Agility Park – Test your pets agility skills and take them to one of those doggy obstacle courses.

Treat Eating Competition

Don’t think for a moment that food eating competitions are only for the humans. It’s no secret that dogs love food, so why not make a game out of it? One great way of becoming a celebrity in the local dog community is by setting up your own little treat eating competition. Its a great was of socializing your pet while filling his or her belly. Set up prizes like tennis balls and enjoy the moment. Make sure each owner has a hold of their dog so that none of the pups get angry with each other over the food, and see who eats the treats the fastest!

Play Find It Games

Humans have bred dogs for thousands of years to help hunt and retrieve food for the human family. It’s in their blood to find things so why not stimulate their primal instincts in the form of play! Find It games are a fun way to teach your pup to use his nose. Hide treats in places in your house or yard, wherever the party is, and let each dog find them one at a time. If you’re at a doggy party, have all the dogs stand in a different room and go hide the treat. Next, let them race to find that special something and reward the behavior. This is a great way of getting the dogs to compete while utilizing that powerful nose.


Dogs are simple animals that just want to spend time with you. Keep in mind that these are wild creatures that just happen to love humans. They need to exercise their primal instincts and stretch their legs. Make a delicious cake and take them somewhere special. Dogs are family and they will do anything to protect us. We truly neglect these furry creatures and keep them locked in the home for most of their life. Turn their birthday/adoption day into something special that the entire family can enjoy. For that one short day, make your dog feel like the best dog in the universe. 



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