Five Unexpected Dog Breeds Perfect for Protecting Your Kids

October 7, 2017

Here are five unlikely dog breeds that make first-rate security guards while at the same time double as affectionate family pets:



A highly intelligent, adaptable and energetic breed, the Collie interacts playfully with children and thrive in any home environment-from a country residence to an urban apartment. This dog can also become both vocal and aggressive when approached by a stranger. While entirely devoted to its family, home invaders should beware of crossing paths with a Collie



While this Bob Marley of the canine world might look like a defenseless furball, the Komondor is deceptively territorial. Bred to protect livestock from potential predators, this dog turns into a force of nature when it senses a threat. Although a Komondor acts menacing toward outsiders, this breed’s loyalty toward its family and the little ones is indisputable 


Great Pyrenees

Another livestock guardian breed, this pooch develops strong bonds with children and makes an ideal family-friendly companion. If thoroughly trained early in life by a veteran owner, the Great Pyrenees will keep the entire household out of harm’s way. Note: this dog can grow to at least 100 pounds, but is unmistakably a “gentle giant.” 


Neapolitan Mastiff

Don’t be fooled by the mellow appearance of that saggy face. A Neapolitan Mastiff is known to bare its teeth when unwelcome visitors enter its domain — particularly an outdoor yard. When not warding off interlopers, this dog will challenge its owners to a “friendship test,” and if they pass, the Mastiff will guard them tenaciously. It also acts as a second parent for kids whenever mom and dad need to leave home-base. 


Bouvier des Flandres 

This fluffy pooch resembles a pedigree show dog rather than a fearsome guardian, but a Bouvier should not be underestimated. This naturally perceptive breed is intensely aware of its surroundings, which bodes well for sensing potential “stranger danger.” Among its own family, though, the Bouvier shows a much more loving side. 

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