Norwich, UK


Damion Vincent (Owner & Pack Leader)

My name is Damion Vincent and I am the sole proprietor, dog walker and dog trainer of 'Fetch Dog Walking & Training Ltd'.

My passion of working with animals began at a very early age. Throughout my career I have worked with and trained a variety of animals from dogs, sea lions, parrots and the smallest of reptiles! I have over 8 years valuable field experience working abroad in Mexico, South Africa, Tenerife and the USA. 

Animals are my passion! 

Over the years, friends and family have entrusted their precious pets in my care because they trust my knowledge and abilities and knew that i would treat their dogs as my own. Spending my days with happy dogs is the ultimate job. What better job is there that allows you to be outside, throwing balls and getting muddy whilst being surrounded by a pack of happy hounds.

As a dog owner myself I understand the difficulty of finding someone who will care for your pets and respect your home. My clients can be rest assured that they will be provided with the highest degree of professionalism and heartfelt care for their four-legged family member.

I am completely insured and have a clear background check. I have many references who will gladly speak of my compassion and abilities to care for dogs. So if you have a bored pooch and need daily dog walking or training, pick up the dog and bone and give me a call.


Cat England 
(Walker & Trainer)

Hello, my name is Cat England and I wanted to join Fetch Dog Training and Walking Ltd to work with other peoples pride and joy, their pets, so that I could be a part of the brilliant valuble service of helping care for them and see their happy canine smiles.

My passion for this profession stemmed from my coming of age and years of gathering a variety of experiences from different jobs such as being self employed, becoming confident in customer service relations, hospitality and retail.

Ultimately I was searching for the right career I could put everything I am into and be happy so I wanted to go back to my roots of growing up on a farm around trained gundogs. The loveable Labradors and Munsterlander show dogs. Having lived with dogs and being heavily interested in animals all throughout my childhood, I can revisit my unconditional love for mans best friend and work with them myself. Upon making this decision, I also work for the animal welfare charity, Dogs Trust as Canine Carer in order to help care for the less fortunate dogs whilst they wait for their forever home and family.
In the near future, I aim to study canine behaviour and training and attend as many courses as possible to broaden my knowledge and become a useful asset to the industry. I am qualified in pet first aid and canine CPR.

With Fetch, I am determined to use all of my experience and channel this into providing a trustworthy, enjoyable and considerate service of the highest standards


Honey Stone
(Walker & Trainer)

Hello my name is Honey and i am delighted to be part of the Fetch team. I have studied dog grooming at Easton College in Norwich and have a deep rooted passion for working with dogs. I have a Rottweiler called Tilly as my beloved companion so I am very used to working with dogs who have excessive energy to burn. I love dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes and what could be better than being outside everyday with the lovable pooches. My office doesn't have four walls. My workplace is woodland, parks, meadows, beaches and anywhere else that the hounds wish to have their playtime.

I am currently studying courses in animal behaviour and psychology to keep improving my knowledge to best care for your cute furry friends. I look forward to meeting you all..woof!


Amy Clarke
(Walker & Trainer)

Hello my name is Amy and i am delighted to be part of the Fetch team. I have vast experience in animal care including a degree in animal science and welfare which I studied at Easton College in Norwich. I have had the life changing experience of working in South Africa participating in the conservation of a private game reserve. I also own an array of my own pets including dogs, cats and rabbits. I am very excited to be part of the Fetch family to assist you in caring for your beloved dog.


Paige Reeve
(Walker & Trainer)

Hello my name is Paige and I am delighted to be part of the Fetch team to take care of your fur friends and provide them with the highest level of love and care possible. I have extensive experience of working with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I studied a level 3 Diploma in Animal Care at Easton College in Norwich and went on to work at the Dogs Trust in Snetterton. I have two dogs of my own so I understand the need for a reliable service whilst you are at work. I hope to see you all soon.


Hannah Ulewich
(Walker & Trainer)

Hello my name is Hannah and I am the newest member of the Fetch team. I am very excited to be entrusted with looking after your beloved dogs. I possess a wide range of experience in the aspects of animal training having previously worked at Africa Alive in Suffolk. I have a wide array of birds as my own pets and I am also currently studying dog grooming. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.