Fetch Therapy

Fetch Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine; which involves hand and fingertip massage focused on the treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions such as skin problems, joints and tissue with the accompanying benefits of a simple relaxing dog massage.

Fetch Myotherapy is defined as a comprehensive assessment, management and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders and conditions caused by improper biomechanical or defensive nervous system malfunctioning. Or just simply dog massage, which is one subject your dog is going to absolutely love. At the most basic level, massaging dogs is performed to relax dogs and calm them down.

Fetch Myotherapy is used to assist in the recovery of injury with an operation after their return from a vet surgery and can also be used to ease aches and pain. There’s also the theory that by making hands-on contact with your dog’s muscle or skin conditions it will send information or signals to the dog’s nervous system to assist within the healing process.

During your dogs therapy session with us they will enjoy the comfort of a heated mat to help them relax and enjoy their down time. We offer a free consultation prior to any treatment

Fetch Myotherapy is suitable for:
  • Puppy development​
  • The ageing dog​
  • The overweight dog​
  • Agility, show and working dogs

Prices: £30 per 45 minute treatment