Norwich, UK


Fetch Maddie Dog



Maddie is a beautiful six year old springador. Her favourite past time is woodland walks with her blue ball and companion 'Charlie'. Maddie is a bit of a diva and she doesn't think she is a dog! She prefers to stake her claim on the sofa whilst keeping a watchful eye for the postman!

Fetch Charlie Dog


Jack Russel Cross

Charlie is a two year old Jack Russell Cross who thinks he is ten feet tall but has great energy and an eye for a quick pigeon! Charlie is a very vocal character and loves to run and although he is small tends to be a natural alpha of the pack who everyone loves.

Fetch Dylan Dog


German Shepherd Cross

Dylan is one of our most lovable characters who is still going strong at 14 years old. He loves his Horsford woodland walks and carrying a stick home for chewing practice. Dylan is fantastic with children and is best suited to a slow walking pack who he can set the pace with.

Fetch Spike Dog


Jack Russel Cross

Spike is a real mummies boy and loves his owner. He loves his walks too but is always torn between going out or staying in. Spike loves other dogs and will run forever with the pack. Spike is probably the fastest of the pack and leads from the front.

Fetch Missy Dog


Black Labrador

Missy is the most affectionate dog we have ever met. She walks, sits and acts like a proper lady. She lives with Miley and Ralph and loves her owners. When its time for 'walkies' there is no holding her back. She will even carry her own lead

Fetch Miley Dog


Labrador Cross Pointer

Miley is one of our newest superstars and is best friends with Missy. She is a rescue dog who loves people and running off to cause mischief in the woods. She has a very loyal nature and loves a good rub of the belly after every walk

Fetch Ralph Dog


Border Terrier

Ralph is one of our clients in the making. He is only 2 months old but growing fast and already developing a love for the outdoors. At the moment his priority is sleeping and growing. Look out for this cheeky chappie joining the fun very soon

Fetch Louis Dog


Lhasa Apso

Louis is a great little character who loves individual attention on his solo walks. He is protective over his home but gets very excited when visitors arrive. He enjoys short walks around his local area to be back just in time for tea.

Fetch Muu Dog


French Bulldog

Muu is a french bulldog who loves her walks and goes a bit hyper when the lead is presented to her. She has the run of her house and laps up all the attention she receives when out walking with the pack. Oh and she snores loudly too!

Fetch Poppy Dog



Poppy is a three month old beagle who comes from a very active household. She loves her walks over the local park and introducing herself to new friends. She is a very affectionate little girl and loves causing chaos around the household!

Fetch Lilly Dog



Lilly is a beautiful labrador who sticks to your side when on her walks. She's always jogging around playing with her counterpart Bridget. Lilly is so loyal and her tail never stops wagging!

Fetch Bridget Dog



Bridget is a superstar at her recall training and is still a puppy in body and mind. She loves to play and investigate in the hedges with her sister Lilly. She is valuable member of our Fetch pack.

Fetch Millie Dog


Stafforshire Bull Terrier

Millie is a lovable little girl who is great with her family and has energy to burn on her walks. She is a delight to walk on the leash and loves her training with the ball being her secondary reward




Ruby is one of our smallest pack members who is a diva in her own right. She loves her family and is a real loyal protector and guardian. She loves her walks with Cooper over Eaton Park

Fetch Dexter Dog



Dexter is a little gem in our Fetch pack. He is picking his training up like a pro! His owner loves him to pieces and its easy to see why with eyes like that. We look forward to watching him grow into a very smart little boy

Fetch Teddy Dog


Lhasa Apso

Teddy is a great little character and does his own thing on his walks. His nose is always to the ground and he has a cute little trot when he runs and gets excited when he sees the females!

Fetch Amy Dog



Amy is the most energetic dog we walk and her main motivation is her tennis ball that she will chase for hours if she had the chance. She always needs a towel down from skidding on the turf and doing slides to catch the ball

Fetch Bruce Dog


Labrador Cross

Bruce is a greek rescue dog who has roughly four different breeds as part of his genetic make up. Bruce loves his mummy and daddy and is a lovable character who loves his time over the park with us. Bruce loves being around other dogs and is an instant hit with all of us here at Fetch

Fetch Gordon Dog


Collie Cross Labrador

What is there to say about Gordon. He is a true gentle giant who has boundless energy and loves his training over Horsford woods. He has a cute kitten as a house mate and the two are best friends. Gordon is a rescue dog but has a very loving home in which he has created his own personal playground!

Fetch Nelson Murphy Dog

Nelson & Murphy

Cockapoo Brothers

Nelson and Murphy make up the cockapoo brothers and is a true delight to walk with them. We are always greeted with a toy and full on lick on the face. They loves their lunchtime walks around Horsford Woods where they can sniff, run and play for the whole hour. Just look at those faces.. a true couple of gentlemen

Fetch Jasper Ruby Dog

Jasper & Ruby


These awesome little characters melt our hearts with their affection and love we always receive when we walk with them. Jasper is the energetic brother whereas Ruby is the sensible sister who keeps her brother in check. They love their daily walks over mousehold with the Fetch team. They even compete in sponsored walks where they look very cute with their medals

Fetch Dottie Dog



Dottie is an energetic 11 month old chocolate labrador who just loves to play Fetch. She is great on her recall and a true flirt with the other boys on her walks. We adore Dottie and her cute face and waggy tail never stop passers by for a quick stroke and bit of love

Fetch Snoopy Dog


Springer Spaniel

Snoopy is a very energetic spaniel who is highly motivated with his ball and nothing can break his running and instinct to chase. He loves his walks over Catton Park and still has energy to burn when we take him home. A true little athlete of the dog world!

Fetch Bee Dog



Bee is a typical labrador who loves her playtime over Hellesdon park with her favourite ball. She never stops running and is a join to be around with her fantastic recall, energy and beautiful face. She is fantastic with other dogs and a true leader of the Fetch pack

Fetch Hugo Dog

In memory of Hugo

French Bulldog

Everyone that met Hugo fell in love with this amazing little man. Unfortunately he was taken from this world way too early but wherever he is we are sure that he will be melting hearts with his adorable little face and infectious energy. His amazing owners gave him the best life any dog could ever wish for and they are testament to how to love and put a dog at the top of your priority list. We will miss you little free always

Fetch Monty Dog



Monty is our Fetch morning dog and all of the team love his little character and funny little noises he makes as we turn up for his daily adventure. He loves chasing the ball and chewing his lead when he wants to be a bit naughty. He is a rescue dog who is now in a very loving home with his two owners

Fetch Rufus Dog



Rufus is one of our newest friends and we love him instantly. He is brave and loves other dogs on his walks over the park. We have never seen a tail wag so much when we turn up. He loves sitting in the front seat of the car and watching the world go by. A real cool dude!

Fetch Harry Dog


Cocker Spaniel

Harry is the most energetic dog in our pack but also one of the most loving. The ball comes first and kisses a close second. He loves his owner Anne and his tail goes crazy when we turn up. He is best friends with Bee and they are a match made in heaven. Go Harry!

Fetch Toffee Dog


King Charles Spaniel

Toffee is a funny little character who loves his long walks in the sunshine at the beach. He runs along with his tiny legs going crazy. He thinks all humans are also dogs and is always eager to make new friends no matter what species they are.

Fetch Teddy Dog



Teddy by name and Teddy by nature. This little guy is the cutest boy and loves his walks with the 'cockapoo clan' over the woods. He just loves to run and always finishes his adventures with a treat for being a good little boy. He melts hearts wherever he goes and we adore Teddy

Fetch Remi Dog


Working Spaniel

Remi was our first ever Fetch dog and is a true mascot to our pack. She loves flushing out birds and we have never seen a tail wag so much! Remi spends time with her sisters Mollie and Daisy. Remi loves running in the local corn fields and dipping into the lake to cool off.

Fetch Bo Dog


Golden Retriever

Bo is a true diva in every sense and loves her little beach walks and visits to nanny and grandads house. She adores her family and is quick to let them know if she has demands that need to be met. Bo melts hearts of all people she meets and is a true lady of her pack



Sproker Spaniel

Everyone loves Spud! This infectious little guy is like a Tasmanian devil..full of energy and noise but with the most lovable nature. He loves to chase the seagulls even when they are flying (!). Spud loves to play fetch and gives kisses galore if he can get to your face. Go Spud!



French Bulldog

Bea is the youngest member of our walking pack and loves cuddles and her squeaky toys. Her mum gives her lots of fuss (which she deserves!) and she loves to run around until she is fully burnt out! We love little bumble Bea..such a cutie!


Wellington (Welly)


Welly lives on the same road as us and is still exploring the big wide world. He loves to play ball and like any labrador, loves his treats! Welly is growing quick and we love being part of his development. If cuteness was scored he would be a certain 10/10