A recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of owners (63 percent) love their dog just as much as they do their partner. Take our Fetch quiz to find out who you love more!

Choose which of these statements applies to you:

1) It’s Friday and you’ve just got back from work. You like to:

A) Stay in with your pet and your partner and binge on the latest TV box set (Game of Bones!)

B) Go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy a few cocktails (whilst constantly checking your puppy cam of course!)

C) Go for a long walk in the countryside with your dog

2) It’s time to book a holiday! Where do you want to go?

A) A pet-friendly cottage in the Lake District

B) An all-inclusive hotel in Mexico

C) A luxury pet B&B on the Cornish coast (with pup ice creams!)

3) You can’t get to sleep because it’s too hot, what do you do?

A) Switch on a fan and throw back the covers

B) Nudge your dog so that he/she jumps back onto the floor (how cruel!)

C) Complain to your significant other until they move into the spare room huffing and puffing as they go

4) You are planning your wedding, how do you get your dog involved?

A) You assign him ring bearer duties

B) You place his tag in your bouquet

C) You make him guest of honour and invite some of his doggy friends to drink some pawsecco!

Mostly A’s

You love your dog just as much as your partner. The three of you are inseparable and you can’t bear the thought of spending time without the company of your four-legged friend. 

Mostly B’s

You love your partner more than your dog. Whilst you love your pooch to bits, he isn’t going to come between you and your date night. Gin and tonic anyone? But you pay the bill quickly anyway to get home to them!

Mostly C’s

You love your dog way more than your partner. Your dog is more than just an animal, he’s your best friend and you would happily cancel or postpone a date in order to spend time with him on the sofa or chasing those pesky squirrels