Woof & Wow! A year ago a small spark lit the passion in me to begin Fetch Dog Walking & Training Limited. Where has the past year gone!? From the beast from the east where I got pulled into a sludge bog covered in snow, to the amazing summer where we gained the most horrendous tan lines known to man (and dog)! I remember my first dog to walk, Remi the working spaniel. We still walk her to this day and she lights up our adventures with her infectious character. Everyday I get out of bed knowing that our amazing dogs we care for will exhibit something new to make us smile, whether it be chasing their own tails, trying to climb trees after squirrels or barking at their own reflection in our vehicle mirrors. Between September 2017 to May 2018 our Fetch pack was growing in size and more happy go-lucky dogs were joining us for daily adventures. From Jasper & Ruby the tiny Cavapoo’s to Layla to huge 11 month old Doberman, we welcome all shapes and sizes to our pack.

In May 2018 Cat joined our team and she has become a real asset to both me and the dogs. Her knowledge of canine behaviour and handling has been vital and she always finishes her days covered in fur but with a smile on her face. Our amazing owners took Cat to their hearts straight away and we are grateful to them for placing their trust in us with their pet.

The summer of 2018 was one of the best on record but also one of the most testing for a dog walker/trainer. Walks were scheduled at different times of the day, cooling jackets were worn, lots of water was consumed and Cat even created a cool slip and slide water slide for the dogs..amazing! I wish I was there to try it out myself! 

In August 2018 our team grew even more and we welcomed Honey to Fetch. Honey has taken to the role in an incredible way and I can have complete peace of mind that the dogs are having the best time on their walks with her. Both Honey and Cat have been a real addition to Fetch and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

So as we approach our first year anniversary its time to say a huge thank you to all of our dogs and their incredible mama’s and papa’s. Its been the best year ever and you all give us one of the best jobs in the world. We have some very exciting developments heading your way such as overnight dog sitting, canine myotherapy and much much more! Keep your senses on full alert for updates!

So go and give your pooch a well deserved belly rub and treat. Whilst you’re there, get yourself a well deserved drink for being an amazing dog owner..woof woof!

Damion, Cat & Honey

Your Fetch Team