Most dogs jump on people because they are excited and it is an effective means of getting attention, but some dogs jump because they feel uneasy when someone new comes through the door, and jumping is an effective way to cope with that discomfort.

Regardless, it is an unacceptable behaviour for any dog, and, luckily, one that can be prevented and managed using positive training techniques. Damion from Fetch explains how to curb this unwanted behaviour in a few simple steps

How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping Up?

The best way to stop your dog from jumping is to ignore them whilst they are in the act of jumping.

  1. Each time they jumps up at you, turn your back.
  2. Do not look at, talk to, or touch them at any time and fold your arms in front of you so that you become boring.
  3. When they stop jumping, wait for three seconds of four paws on the floor and reward the self-control with your attention.
  4. If they jump again, repeat the exercise.
  5. Practice this with friends and family members for consistency


Problem:  When I try ignoring my dog’s jumping, it gets worse!

Solution:  This is known as an ‘extinction burst.’ The behaviour that previously got your attention is no longer working for the dog, so they will try even harder to get what they desire for a while before finally giving up. Persevere with the technique and take solace in the knowledge that it is working, because they will eventually give up.

Problem:  My dog only jumps on guests and I am having a hard time stopping the behaviour when they come over.

Solution:  Manage your environment by putting your dog in another room or keeping them behind a baby gate until they are calm. Then walk them up to your guests on leash and teach them to sit in front of them instead of jumping on them.  When they are good at greeting appropriately on leash try the same technique off leash.

Click here to watch a video demonstrated by Zak George on how to prevent your dog from jumping

Happy Training!